ISSN : 2266-6060

To see and be seen

Restlessly staging the transparency of our lives, permanently connected to ensure instantaneous interactions, such is our condition in the contemporary world. The life of others invades us in a uninterrupted image flow. As we are urged to act as permanent observers of our own lives, we try to save some blind corners from the pervading gaze.
Is it so sure? What if the desire to access reality did not meet any limits, once it has been unleashed? For the more we gain access to, the more we’re missing.
Generalized surveillance is not the enemy; it is rather a perpetually unfinished project that we embrace. Yet constant alert is an unreasonable goal. Our tasks absorb us and divert our attention. Well, why not take the initiative? Record everything, undiscriminately, just in case, to make sure you don’t miss anything. In the privacy of your phone screen, you will enjoy this continuous production of the world. Entertainment meeting the attempt to wholeness, that is the promise.

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