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Bologna, June 2024.

A suburban district with green spaces and shops, far from the places steeped in the trade union and political struggles of Europe’s oldest university city. You have to use your rudimentary Italian in restaurants or drugstores rather than relying on the textual prostheses of a minimalist Globish and the understanding of natives used to the flow of tourists.
In the middle of the residential area, a small park and this plaque in tribute to one of those who fell victim to the bullets of a petty mafia hand. We have learned to forget the names of the executioners but to remember those of their victims. This peaceful garden fits in well with this description of a victim but it also conceals the reasons for this assassination: a very public fight against the Camorra, vindictive writings describing them as terrorists and mobilising his diocese to denounce their crimes and the absence of public action as recalled on his wikipedia page.
To avoid biographical shortcuts and fix identities without changing the format, will we soon see QR codes on the metal signs in our streets and gardens?

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