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It’s hard to make people do things you think are important, especially when you can’t force them physically. All over the years we witnessed so many different ways: from the exposition of simple facts to extreme politeness, from detailed legal explanations to the threatening of heavy sanctions. In this street of the wonderful Echo Park neighborhood, some of the signs use a very personal tone to ask for drivers’ responsibility. They genuinely assume that people are selfish and that most of the drivers don’t really care to hit a child they don’t know with their car. By making them imagine that their own kid could be right there, running and fooling around, these red signs strive to make every street a familiar ones, and every car’s speed an individual matter of concern. There is quite a strength in such a message. But, you may say, doesn’t it amount to exonerate all the childless drivers, whom we all know have no heart? Surely. Hopefully, the online store where you can buy those signs (you didn’t notice the ® at the end of the sentence, did you?) provide a Drive like…, a blue one, to multiply the crowd of potentially concerned persons.

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