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Vote with one’s feet

Val Thorens, March 2019.

Vacationers were surprised to see politics coming in the ski station. She must have had a long time to select a place without any traces of gliding. This recess between two tracks, under the chairlift, seemed ideal. Nobody had crossed it. Probably because they were afraid of the lack of speed forcing them to go back on foot. She slid down to the large tank of snow, took off her skis, abandoned her sticks and her companion, and begun to stomp thoroughly. The layer was thick and she lifted her shoes up to her knees to leave a deep impression, which would remain legible for a long time.
Elsewhere, the media cannot stop talking about Brexit. On March 29, 2019, the House of Commons must seek an agreement to withdraw the UK from the European Union. In London, a big demonstration demanding a new referendum was being prepared. The holidaymaker also wanted to participate, register her request for cancellation of Brexit in the Alps. Without further appeal to the ballot box, she had only two feet and the snow as the ballot to write her attachment to Europe.

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