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For a long time, there has ben very few concert halls in Paris compared to other European capitals : failing sound equipment fails, lack of prefecture authorization, too few market intermediaries or even banned musicians, rock fans had to go to London or Brussels to see their artists preferred.
Since the 1980s, small halls have multiplied, welcoming audiences in places formerly reserved for habitation. Therefore, soundproofing standards that apply to these places are drastic and nobody, from the surrounding buildings, could identify the musicians who are at work. But there is an intermediate zone between the confined space of concerts and the private neighboring spaces : the public space, a sidewalk where those who come out, kissing, eating and drinking, smoking, talking, may disturb the neighbors who did not share this musical experience.
Against this derived nuisance, there are radical solutions such as closing facilities, turning Paris into a dead city . Other solutions are the hallmark of compromise : require the silence of a crowd excited by the music which has reduced hearing sensitivity is not reasonable, but ask all these recent spectators to whisper should get them to talk almost normally.

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