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Paris, November 2016

Urban spaces are paradoxically those of Nature. This Nature is certainly tamed, framed, but nevertheless present, protected and patrimonialised. Thus, until recently, only city authorities were able to plant trees and flower beds and, according to the secular tradition of the French garden, not a blade of grass could exceed, even if it meant to use pesticides.
Everything has changed since we can now plant native species in public space … well, almost. There is no way to touch these official natural areas such as gardens and squares, but to use the rest of the public spaces … as here the foot of the trees. But that’s not all: you have to define a “project” to get a duly listed “license to vegetate”. Finally, you can plant thyme, mustard or cabbage, fed by organic coffee grounds used by the next door restaurant and falling leaves.
And who knows, perhaps the paper itself and the wood that bear it will soon nourish those plants …

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