ISSN : 2266-6060



Paris, March 2015.

Contemporary electronic spaces made us experience an economy of attention: if anyone can post notes, images, videos, comments in different public spaces, they then compete with the tens of millions of their siblings. The space they occupy is almost unlimited and sustainability is ensured at a very low cost.
This small signage reminds us that older public spaces follow other rules: this is not the attention of crowds that is hard to capture, but access to the public that is difficult to conquer. There is no room for all the posters and all tags, so everyone is trying to cover the other, as soon as the location gives some visibility.
In this corridor a prestigious institution such savage practices give way to a countdown: a next meeting or event can be announced, but once it occurs, the poster must give way to the next. As a perishable food, it should disappear from public view, usually to be display in the organizers’ office so they can keep memory of it.

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