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An Hotel Downtown?


I had received the invitation for a long time, I had not paid any particular attention to the address of the hotel. In the past, I used to buy a map of the city. I used to come back quickly at home to open it in the middle of the living room and look, in front of my amused friends, for the street of my hotel. Once identified, I used to comment all the emplacement advantages: the proximity of a museum, the easy way I could reach the University, or the closeness of the historical center. I used to dream aloud of my stay ahead and so did I managed my anxiety.
This time, none of this had happened. A few hours before taking the RER to the airport, I typed the name of my hotel on my screen and found myself instantly in the right street in Madrid. I found the subway station and walked to the building that should be the hostel Miami.
I should not have any surprise on arrival. I even printed directions to follow… I was calm… But on reaching the place, panic seized me when I raised my head to make sure I was in the right place. Before me, several signs seemed to be in competition: « Hostal Valencia », « Continental Hotel », « Hostel helena »… Hard to know where I was at. Were they the names of various institutions or the successive names of the same hotel? It was hard to know. I went in and spoke at the reception. The employee asked me for who was the room, because he couldn’t find one for the name that I had gave him with my passport. Was I at the wrong hotel? No, room 214 was booked… with my first name. A matter of registration.

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