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This is the first thing you do after arriving at the AirBnB studio: a walk in the neighborhood. What a beautiful place. Trees and flowers everywhere. Blue sky. Colorful houses, nice frontyards. You take pictures that you know will look good on your Instagram feed. You want everybody to know how good you feel. The sweet light, the air inside your lungs helps you forget the long distance flight and the fatigue: this is a perfect moment. Until you came face to face with something scary. Though none of the incredible Halloween decorations in front of each and every house frightened you, this signboard really disturbs you. As soon as you see it, you feel doubly guilty. To enjoy a place, which may be quiet and nice, for wrong reasons, or through questionable means. But also because you can’t help thinking that you’ve been observed since the beginning of your tour. And that behind one of those curtains, in these streets that never see any tourists, somebody surely has already reported your attitude as suspicious.

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