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One can easily forget the immense range of games that are practiced in playgrounds. Football, marbles, tag are just the tip of the iceberg. Of all the things invented during these precious minutes of endless possibilities, the ephemeral reigns. The flow of words, the overbidding of “it seems that” disappear as the weeks go by. Some patterns crystallize a little longer, until even circulating from one group to another, becoming a trend. But it only takes the summer for everything to fly away. Occasionally, however, some traces remain. They may not say much about laughters, frenzied racing or focused gazes, they nonetheless bear witness to an important aspect that play can take on at any age: the invention and stabilization of rules. Such an important moment that sometimes you have to go as far as finding a piece of paper, a pen and settling down to write them. Seeing the details on this double-sided copy, there is no doubt that the entire pleasure of playing has here crystallized in this collective writing.
” – So, did you made it, the board of this game, eventually?
The board? Oh no, no.”

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