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Let’s take a breath


I tried different possibilities, I tested several options, but nothing worked. I turned the problem upside down, but I couldn’t find a solution. Even the elementary things seemed to be insuperable. Ideas became more and more confused, intermingled, they piled up without the emergence of any driving principle. No particular order appeared from the considerable disorder that not only cluttered my mind, but also inhibited my emotions and progressively paralyzed my boby. Facing this situation was getting more and more difficult.
It is only when I walked around, being face to face with this open billboard, that a potential solution appears to what I finally considered as a deadlock. Do not try to take one problem after the other, do not adopt an external, overhanging, objective point of view. No, here is the solution: take a breath and empty your mind. I have to put an end to the informational clutters and definitively clear my mind. Like the anti-advertising policy in Sao Polo, I could struggle with the proliferation of arguments that currently strike a chord with me and the noise generated in my body. But after all, I am not the victim of any “visual pollution”. On the contrary, it is a breathing billboard that is indicating me a possible solution. Even empty, without any slogans or messages, display devices do not remain inert. Even if they do not prescribe anything, they remain projection screens, some potential supports for thought, some small suppliers of suggestion.

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