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Ivry-sur-Seine, December 2014.

In the city, on sidewalks, neon yellow cubes had appeared at the end of the fall, without explanation or instructions. Faced with this new one, the mystery of their presence is resolved: they are built in the event of a winter invasion made of frost, ice and snow, probably to facilitate the work of road services.
As fire extinguishers and water supplies for fires, hammers to break glasses, and recently saving heart defibrillators, they are part of our decor, are there “just in case” an accident or disaster occur. They remind us of our vulnerability, our fragility without frightening or causing antiety, or even presenting an incentive to act in any way. We definitely live in the risk society where dangers are anticipated, estimated, and collectively managed.
Unless of course a sudden concern arises, and an inquiry becomes necessary: behind the surface of the writings, it there really salt in the depth of the tank? And if not, who will bring it and when?

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