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Prohibition signs are more than mere conveyors of law or regulation. They give the world an extra layer of reality by giving sometimes very virtual actions an extra level of existence. You never thought of throwing stones in the pond? All it takes is a poster in front of you reminding you (in fact declaring) that it is forbidden to do so, and the idea is now running through your mind. In fact, one might imagine that it’s not only with the idea that the poster is struggling, but with some precedents. If it’s important to make this clear in writing, perhaps it’s because someone already did it. By forbidding, therefore, the sign becomes as much a mark of a possibility as it is a trace of a past both of which it aims to prevent from happening again.
To feel this scriptural power, there is nothing like standing in a world populated by beings that worry us. Feeding alligators? Harassing them? What crazy ideas. But the thing is, alligators do belong here in the bayous. And actually, there are no barriers, and no clear demarcation to separate the one that has just appeared in the water a few meters from the sign and from the little French guy, who remains frozen when he discovers it and stares at it, stunned.

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