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Action = pause


La Rochelle, juillet 2013.

Week after week, post after post, we continuously discover how various the ways to act with different kinds of inscription are. Whether it is with a pen and a sheet of paper, a keyboard and a computer screen, a spraypaint and a wall or a sidewalk, a drill and a signboard… writing acts take part of sociomaterial assemblages. The newcomer on this blog might read different posts previously published to convince herself. She also can carefully watch this finger… and ask herself what kind of action results from the association of a word written next to the corresponding button. Of course, since one pushes it, the music stops for a shot time, and it is supposed to start again in the near future. But another action simultaneously begins: while sound leaves room for silence, only a single word remains on stage. “Pause”. The Scriptopolis team wants to explore in details the very meaning of this peculiar instant during summer time. We will be back in september.

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