ISSN : 2266-6060

Right of way


Paris, May 2014

We know that urban ecology is not just about landmarks and panels made ​​to find our ways. They especially guide our propensities, demand from us and facilitate our actions, lead us to do or not to do, to go ahead, stop or move. But who is “we” so designated ? Sometimes the user is an average person, that is someone capable of seeing, hearing , walking ; often it is a skilled car driver. But what about the others, those who do not fit this picture ? Are they just not included, do we force them to comply with or are special ecologies built for them?
For two years, they invaded Paris but few people even seem to realize . They are there, small and discreet , visible only to those who are in front of them and for whom they were made : cyclists. They transform the world around them by saying : “This is not a red light , this is a yield to pass .” Long , cyclists have merrily passed traffic lights , causing protests and jealousies , accusations of rudeness and a sense of impunity because almost everyone does. Now that illegal use has become a legal practice by the grace of this privilege panel .

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