ISSN : 2266-6060

Step by step


Paris, February 2016

The ministry is still a great fortress extending over a block, even if its new entrance made of glass symbolized its openness to all citizens. After passing the security checks worthy of an airport, we arrived at the desk with the room number of the meeting, “7875”, as our only guide. Fortunately, hostesses deliver, in addition to our identification badges, a small sheet and draw on it the way forward with a pink felt.
Alas, the room is in the opposite corner of the new entry and, as indicated by the map, the room is located 256 steps away. But this way, once so long in the quasi-Stalinist corridors of this building from the 1930s, is now a pleasure: it is no longer several minutes lost, but the performance of the maintenance of a healthy body that will, step by step, lead us to our meeting.

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