ISSN : 2266-6060


Palma, May 2018

The order seemed simple: a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. But this apparently ordinary Majorcan bar was home to one of these new latte artists, obsessed with the surface of our favourite beverages. Also, instead of a deep brown and a milk proteins whitened caramel, we were suddenly gazing at a work of art.
Like birthday cakes covered with a first name or a happy word, we know that the pleasure of the eye has to be interrupted to make way for that of the palate. There is also this fragility of the foam that one hardly dares to touch the cup, for fear of erasing the drawn drawings. After the surprise, it is nevertheless necessary to put the show to an end and taste the foam while drinks are still hot.
Snapchat food, they will leave a memory well beyond their ephemeral existence.

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