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This is not a surprise even he has been often criticized about it: the scriptopolian is obsessed with written objects. He always watch out for them, trying to understand their modes of presence. In order to tell tirelessly what writing does to the world and what the world does with it. Let’s face it, this very obsession has sometimes strange consequences. Nothing serious, of course: fleeting ideas that go through his mind, thoughts he keeps for himself because he knows they make him look a little crazy.
In front of this signboard, for instance, planted among trees, along a track in the Plaisance park, he has been subject of a kind of enunciative hallucination. Seeing the board as a spokesperson, not for humans, but for itself and its scriptural kind. He imagined the forest, just behind, inhabited with baby-signboards, which might be endangered by the crowd of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. He quickly noticed the absurdity of the situation, but he also knew that it conveyed some truth about the embeddedness of mots d’ordre, which are calls to respect others, but also for themselves and the rules they put into circulation.

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