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Days and people


This is not the first time we do this, here. There is nothing like the observation of children practices to understand what writing does to the world. It is a very good exercise to avoid any temptation of functionalism. Not focussing on the order or the structure that graphical artifacts are supposed to support, but discovering instead their ability to build something, away from any ‘representation’ process. At the risk of being surprised and even confused.

This list did certainly play a great role during the school breaks. But how should we understand it? Jack Goody himself would probably get lost. What are all these mondays on the left for? And what does mean each name on the right? Why is the expression ‘any day’ added on the five first rows in this very column? Really hard to tell. Actually, the academic dad has just one thing to hang on to: the two categories. Days / People. It’s a full mystery, but someway powerful. Poetic and very accurate. A mix of Michel Vinaver and Erwin Goffman. Who said over-interpreted?

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