ISSN : 2266-6060


Paris, November 2017.

Going out of the studio gives an occasion to acknowledge the difference of both temperature and hygrometry between in and out. While commenting on difficulties and sensations of the day, skins are drying and wrapping up inch by inch. The acceptable exposure inside is becoming indecent when the bodies’ temperature lows and the exit door opens to let hurry people go. To those for whom the rule would not be sufficiently clear – the incorrigible chatterboxes or those who still need to stretch for instance – a sign displayed behind the studio warns that the corridor is not a changing room. It is a matter of swiftly dress oneself in, to go out in the streets, outwards / en dehors like in ballet. Because, we should not, above all, break the moral order by revealing, through the opening of the door, our sweaty, bare and forgetful of the gendered categories flesh.

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