ISSN : 2266-6060


Marseille, November 2020
Contemporary theories of the acts of writing include readers in the making of the written text, whether they are imagined, anticipated, co-creators or quoters. But most theories devise charitable readers, who welcome the written text with a certain benevolence.
Feminicide gluers write to shock, to raise awareness, to mobilise, but the environment of their writing, the street, leads audiences to read what they do not wish to see. Worse, the voluntary fragility of these writings often leads to them being torn out and then to their disappearance .What to do with a malicious reader? How to touch him when he does not want to read? By including it explicitly in the act of writing, in the same way as the address to readers of novels.
So, after more than a year of collages, certain messages are directly aimed at these hostile readers: the visibility of the victims then gives way to the relationship with the public written word, its reading, its modification, its destruction. Because in order to tear out, it is first necessary to read.

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