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Zero risk


In the past, things were simple: to stay healthy while eating, it was enough to avoid too rich foods that give an upset stomach, undercooked meat that transmits parasites, raw milk cheeses can cause listeriosis, eggs always suspected of harboring a salmonella, fat fishes accumulate methylmercury, prepared foods are filled with additives, flavorings and colorings. In short, the easiest way was to become vegan and to fully adopt the nutritional recommendations eating thirteen fruits and vegetables servings a day .

But we now know that often these vegetables and fruits are full of pesticides, and even like the “deadly cucumbers” of the 2011 summer, their natural character is not protective in itself . In addition, they are cropped before maturity, producers develop varieties made ​​for transportation and looks and not for taste, so floury apricots and tasteless tomatoes are more immediate risks.

It is then not surprising to observe a bunch of writings on a common fruit like this melon on a market, guaranteeing us taste as well as the professionalism of producers – we can even trace them. If there are subtle clues to choose a good melon, there is nothing like labels to ensure that beyond the immediate market transaction, lunch will be just as safe as delicious.

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