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Early in the morning on this week day, there were only a few dogs in the park. And unless you were paying close attention, you couldn’t tell what kind of dogs they were. It’s only when I saw the sign that I figured out that these dogs weren’t playing in this park by chance. Looking at the other side of the gigantic wire-mesh fence that separated the parc in two, I also noticed the tiny little puppies playing together. What a nice way to protect these fragile creatures from the big hounds’ barking, teeth, and who knows what.
Still, I couldn’t help from wondering. What does large means exactly? What if my dog is, say, a nice, vigorous, lively, average-sized dog? Should he be put apart from the real big ones, or the real small ones? Actually, this sign was an invitation to stay around for several hours and wait for someone to pick the wrong park, and for the others to tell him aloud what large meant. I did not have much time sadly. And I still wonder if, to clarify the doubts, they happen to use some special dog-measuring tools.

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