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“Nobody walks in LA”, we all know that. Before going there, I used to think it was a matter of distance. That the point was actually nobody walks 10 miles to go to work. No one considers a two-hours tour to find second-hand records or a good tacos or a nice thrift shop. Well, that’s partially true. But there’s more. In some LA parts, even if you would like to walk — say to stay fit, or save the planet, or do the “flaneur” thing — you simply couldn’t. It would be way to hazardous, for you won’t be able to find any spaces dedicated to humans standing on their feet, no legal-material way to isolate pedestrian from the flow of motorized vehicles.
You may be tempted, then, to blame a monstrous city that sold its soul to cars lobbies and forgot the mere existence of walkers, but wouldn’t it be unfair? This signboard clearly shows that LA takes care of pedestrians. To inform of the absence of infrastructure does certainly not amount to provide the infrastructure itself, but it’s a mark of consideration, isn’t it?. Or is it a way to confirm that there will be no pedestrian infrastructure here, ever?

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