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The project had raised the most striking debates. Some people, the wealthiest, were completely opposed to it. They had found many circuitous routes to explain how bad this idea was, never telling directly why they actually didn’t want public housing in this upper-class neighborhood. But when the big sign appeared, which read all the specifics with dates and everything, everybody knew it was too late. The buildings were on their way.
A few months later the mayor lost the election. Like most of his right-wing colleagues, the new one decided to put a stop to every public housing project, including those that was already contracted. That was a choc for the few neighbors who were convinced of the importance of social diversity, even in their own backyard. No doubt it was a victory for the others. A lot of rumors have spread since, but none was verified. The sign is no more. Its wooden frame remains though, the emptiness of which only reminds that a certain idea of how a city has to be built has been abandoned.

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