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To go fishing… for information

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The children are keen to know. We talked about it on several occasions and we promised them to go there. For sure, it is not possible for us to go fishing everyday in Paris. That’s why they ask us regularly. Yet, as for many activities, fishing at low tide implies to get ready. It is not sufficient to decide to go to be successful. First, several equipments are required: rubber boots, landing nets, fish baskets… And the same complete set of fishing equipment is required for each child in order to avoid a fit of jealousy. It is also important to come to an agreement with the significance of the action. While some simply want to have a good time, others aim for a highly educational session on marine fauna and flora, or others plan a competition to collect as many crabs, shrimps or clams as possible. But, before everybody is busy on the beach, one last detail remains to be solved: we have to choose the right moment to go fishing. Besides the weather, the day of a big tide is undoubtedly the best. Then a particular tide calendar becomes a useful coordination device by displaying tidal ranges according to months, days and hours. It is also a means to show a form of expertise: of course the ability to read the tables, but also to anticipate the behavior of other experienced fishermen. If we do not want to come home empty-handed, the best is to choose the day that comes just before the one with the highest tidal range.

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