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Entering this elevator, you’ll find a poster that refers to a register you have to fill and sign if you happen to work in this academic building on a sunday. All the refering dance is a classical one. So is the signing procedure, although it is required not to check your usual daily work hours, but to indicate the extraordinay ones. What really strikes, is how the register qualifies the researchers who have to sign it: isolated worker. You could be embarrassed with such a naming, which stigmatizes your isolation, while you work so hard that you are here on a sunday. But you could also see the good side of it. After all, it clearly assumes that science is usualy collectively made and that isolated researchers are rare enough to be noticed, if not blamed. Believe us, in a world where scientific evaluation is obsessed by individuals and forces everyone to make proof of what can be precisely attributed only to her or him, finding a site where in-dividuality is considered as an anomaly is refreshing.

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