ISSN : 2266-6060

Prolonged downtime

Paris, December 2019.

Breakdowns and disruptions of public infrastructure result in various justifications addressed to users. They cover the walls and concentrate written responses and graffitis that entertain the passer-by who is about to climb the large steps of the stopped escalator or to turn back.
The explanation of the unavailability dated, titled and displayed in large format on the K elevator of the French National Assembly seems to be a rare specimen. As the visitor ascends the floors, she discovers the incredible story of work, delivery delays and the accusation of a “failing company”, which is never named. After delivering the K elevator late, the company committed serious renovation errors by using a “hydraulic cylinder”, which caused breakdowns and blockages, forcing the building manager to stop the elevator. Responsibility remains to be established, following the expert requested by the judge. In short, there will still be heavy work to be done at the National Assembly, many legal writing and the visitor is not close to finding an accessible building. But, thinks to this extensive form of transparency, she is now incredibly curious and already looking forward to the next episode of the trial of the K elevator. She has also efficiently forgotten the nudgenumber of steps she has climbed.

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