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Toulouse, july 2014.

In the car, on our way to a printing house. He: “I’m sorry for taking a detour, but I really have to get these stickers today”. Me: No problem… Instead, a printing house is a potentially interesting detour, especially when one writes a blog like Scriptopolis”. He: “yes, but in this case, I won’t bet there would be worth a post”. Once inside, the printer welcome us with a batch of stickers. Then, the discussion starts: the black is the right one, there’s no typos, and the typefaces match; however, the weight is not sufficient to be read without squinting. The whole package has to be printed again… and it would take longer than expected. Apart from the week-end coming soon, one of the machines has been faulty since the morning: the wiring loom that activates the arm above the sheets of paper is no more operative. We ask for some details. Actually, the printing machinerie itself completly works; this not a matter of inks supply. The problem concerns the trimmer dedicated to the cutting of hundreds of stickers. Considering such inconvenience, the printer comes up with an offer: before the new printing be ready early next week, we take home a part of the already printed stickers for free. Deal! He shreds the invoice and does a new quote. In a few minutes, more components of the whole inscription chain were convened than any scriptopolian would ever expected!

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