ISSN : 2266-6060


Aix-en-Provence, Octobre 2022

In order to ensure the effective payment of the entrance fee, a simple and elegant solution has been chosen in this museum: a coloured sticker, displaying the logo of the place, is given to the visitors. It is clearly visible on their clothes and is a sign of recognition for all the guards and employees, at a very moderate unit cost.
But in our finite world, where one person’s externalities are another person’s degraded ecosystem, this little sign, so useful inside, would become a nuisance outside, as the logo unambiguously traces the origin of the paper and glue pollution.
To remedy this, a small box where each visitor is politely addressed, so that they make the tiny gesture of detaching their sticker and placing it in this container. In the face of the major ecological crisis, we are well aware that this will not be enough, and some would even find it ridiculous in view of the museum’s carbon footprint and the transport required for visits. But is that a reason not to accept this invitation?

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