ISSN : 2266-6060



Paris, May 2015.

The “coffee machine” is now a globalized device: work spaces and public spaces abound with these machines that produce “coffee”, “tea” and “cocoa” from unidentified substances and hot tap water. This is a real black box: no one really knows how the economic system between the supplier that provides this machine and the company or municipality that hosts it works; no one really wishes to discover from what components the smoldering drinks are made.
But its payment system also remains mysterious: why some coins seem to be systematically refused while others are accepted? Because the machine has no more change, because it is counterfeit money? In the morning, not very awoken, a scriptopolian was offered an answer: to be sur that coins wil be accepted, you only have to rub them against the machine, in a yellow zone defined by this big black arrow.
Is this magnetism? Of what is this area made to transform any coin efficiency? Sometimes you have to keep mysteries intact and , instead of opening the black box, remain on the surface of things.

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