ISSN : 2266-6060

Crashes, worries


Paris, july 2011.

The fluidity of the world rests on multiple connectors and numerous chambers. Among these flux regulators, doors are both a simple and sophisticated technology. Whatever its equipment and the world it opens to are, a door is a door only if it can remain closed.
But the systematic closing of the door is often delegated to an automaton in order to make up for the carelessness of human beings. In this manner, the inhabitants of this residence have a clear conscience. The door closer insures the safety of the place. To enter the residence is not easy… even for those using the right key. As the inscription reads, one has to struggle with the power of the door closer to open, then to hold it strongly in order to avoid the door to be violently slammed.
Any delegation of action to a technology, as simple as it seems to be, favor some entities (here healthy muscular people) and excludes other (children, eldery people…). But it goes hand in hand with a displacement of moral ascription as well. Expecting to have a clear conscience, inhabitants do not watch out for potential intruders anymore. From now on, they are under the inquisitive look and the open ears of their neighbors every time they cross this door.

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