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Felt pens

Marseilles, January 2022

Over the past two years, we have become accustomed to these case counts, presented in the form of numbers or beautiful curves, showing the dynamics of the epidemic to everyone, or fuelling discussions on the quality of data, tests and indicators. From these cases, public health policies are supposed to be defined, to fight the epidemic and to adapt economic, political and social life.
But here, at the door of this small school, the data appear in a very different light. Depending on the protocol, the mood of the rectorate or the will of the headmistress, one case or three cases or a variable number will lead to the closure of the class, disrupt the parental organisation, separate the children between those who will always go to school and those who will have to live without it for a while.
So, perhaps to soften this news, to acclimatise it to the kindergarten context, or because they are the most available writing instruments, felt pens are out. They are used to draw beautiful letters in cheerful colours before the verdict of the numbers.
No doubt parents can see the reference colour for their little ones from afar: pink, green and orange are concerned, while blue, red and purple are spared. For today.

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