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Federal State


Above Palm Desert, October 2013

It is a long road through a semi-desert. Gradually it rises and high mountains appears, composing gorgeous landscapes. And then there isa sign announcing a “vista point” as they say in Californian Spanglish, just a half-mile away .
There lies an empty parking lot with two bins and, at its entrance, a gate. On it, a small message stating that the place is closed. Indeed, this small space depends on the National Park Service, which is financed on federal budget. Far, very far from here, in Washington , some politicians had decided to temporarily cut expenses, including those of the low maintenance of this small space.
State was there, but this sign says it is now absent. So, like many other trespassers , without fear of any police, we can ignore the sign, leave the car at the roadside, and walk into it to embrace the scenic view now almost returned to wilderness .

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