ISSN : 2266-6060


Marseille, mars 2022.

Writing is a powerful tool for collective alignment. Orders, instructions, rules, signals, information, guides, explanations, descriptions and designations are all concrete forms intended to create a society, mobilise, affect or simply communicate. The lower one defines the place and time of the action, in a minimal form, a short message service, not electronic, but mural; the upper one, written in the same font, refers to the – yellow – like the colour of the paper – waistcoat movement – the shape is indeed there.
The call for a demonstration is not based on a change to be instigated, a cause to be defended or a candidate to be supported in this election period. It also anticipates the repression that will inevitably befall its participants. Far from the festive joy, the happiness of being together, there will be tears, but the promise is that they will not be solitary.

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