ISSN : 2266-6060



Paris, November 2015

The state of emergency implies a deployment of police and military forces throughout the country. Well, almost … because within the higher education and research institutions, they are hardly present. It shall not be taken as an ancestral form of resistance to authority, but rather the inability to “secure” places, because of the lack of resources and because buildings were originally designed as open spaces.
Thus, in that place, there is no janitor: security instructions are adapted to this material and financial reality. Beyond the opening of the door secured by a code, delivery persons and visitors are not controlled, their packages are not inspected, their identity is not verified. But a small signage asks them politely to register and provides them with a pen and a notebook with predefined columns to do it.
The notebook seems filled, visitors are subject to the discipline of writing and we thank them for that.

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