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Draw me a search


I don’t remember what I used to draw when I was her age. I’m not sure I ever drew any device or any technology. A TV, a radio, a phone, perhaps? I doubt it. I was really surprised when I saw the drawing she made for her brother, but I couldn’t find what stroked me. Maybe the way the folded sheet itself was supposed to represent a computer. But also this idea that seems to run through the picture: I could have drawn one volcano, but it is the 21st century, so I give you four possibilities. I offer you search results.
One thing is sure, I am somehow reassured by this drawing. One could be scared to see the name (even miss-spelled) of a huge corporation in the production of a little girl, omnipresent to the point it contaminates kids’ imagination. But one can also see the positive side of it: at least Google is presented here as the search engine. I think I would have been much more worried if there had been no name at all to frame the results, or a big “Internet”. All in all, I prefer Google as a visible brand rather than an invisible infrastructure.

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