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Paris, february 2010.

Who is the author of a movie? Who did produce a clothing accessory? Who did participate to the writing of a software program? Who did contribute to a scientific article? One considers important, indeed a requisite, to be able to attribute respective actions to each person contributing to the manufacture of a cultural product. This gesture, being a simple reflex taken for granted, finds its roots in the renewal of the author during the sixteenth century, that magnifies the creative genius and protects it by specific laws.
With the development of quality management, industrial productions now use this kind of attribution. Each operator is supposed to provide information, through writing acts, to the evaluation system of its own activity. Here, not only the produced information gives the list of the main authorities invested in the transformation of this subway station, but it is also publicly displayed, attached to the site interventions are directed to.
Such a displaying process gives us (the Scriptopolis team) the opportunity to make a tribute to a singular contributor. While still meeting the criteria of our publication policy that evacuate any individual authorship of posts, we acknowledge Didier Torny who, more than regularly paying attention to our uses of the english language, has also accepted to keep the keys during summertime and to write a contribution a week.

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