ISSN : 2266-6060



Paris , March 2014

Individual printers have increased opportunities for signage : everyone can now print a sheet describing a warning here, there a request or an instruction . With the spread of color printing, a red CAREFUL now seems a standard to catch the eye of distracted bytstanders.
Also, against our own will, we read it before entering to relieve an urge. Greatest good we did, since doom awaited us in a childish nightmare way, as we were threatened with the eternal punishment of being enclosed in a confined area without being able to get out. So we just need to go upstairs to find a standardized restroom. And then, once body needs fulfilled, we wonder about the meaning of this sign.
Certainly, it warned us about the danger. But it is also a way not to repair the door, probably due to lack of budget, and not to lock it, as a fitting technical device is missing. Sometimes, a single sheet of paper printed in a hurry is better than the best locksmith .

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