ISSN : 2266-6060


Ubaye Valley, August 2020.

Dangers are among the social objects most worked on by writing: road signage, electrical, chemical, nuclear signs, warnings of all kinds about hostile animals, ceilings that are too low, treacherous waves or skilful pickpockets.
These permanent calls for vigilance most often serve to make more visible what might not be seen or to make tangible what remains inaccessible to our senses. For COVID-19, things are simple, live like a hermit, don’t touch anyone, wash your hands, and if you can’t do all that, the masks show you that the danger is the others.
In the face of uncertainty and the risk of contamination, there were few signs of reassurance or writings that could point to safe areas; at least until the discovery of this poster at the door of a holiday resort. It announces the result of a “Health Risk Assessment Audit” which concludes that the risk is low. If you do not believe this diagnosis, a QR code allows you to consult the entire report!
In the absence of biological tests and serum markers, the certificate produced using the procedures described is therefore reassuring enough. Magic writing that annihilates the power of the virus now inactivated by a “forbidden way” at the top of the certificate.

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