ISSN : 2266-6060

Wine list


Montpellier, november 2013.

Wine lists usually appear in the form of a text included in a cardboard or a plastic support. It includes the name of the wines, their vintage varieties or their classification and of course, their price. For small drinkers, half-bottles or wines by the glass are sometimes available. And we take advice from waiters or sommeliers to know what to choose.
But as often with food, there may be a gulf between its description and the sensations that it provides. This gap is now reduced by this innovative device : no more texts, but bottles aligned with their label, ready for tasting. And especially displayed on LEDs, prices. These LEDs flash, showing several values ​​: it doesn’t mean that the rating of the wine vary like that of a commodity on a frantic stock market, but rather that the customer may adjust the amount of liquor according to his desire. Like beverages in fast foods, a glass of wine exists her in “small”, “medium” and “large” fashion.
Preserving the wine for several weeks under the effect of an inert gas to prevent oxidation, leaving it away from direct light but close to customers with its eye-catching flashing LEDs, this device abolishes the distance between the basement and the restaurant room, between wine lists and bottles. Go see yourself what is available, look at labels and colors, and, as it is suggested by the shimmering digits, indulge a moderate intoxication as it will cost less than one euro.

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