ISSN : 2266-6060



Paris, janvier 2017

The ministry had left the wealthy building of a square full of jewelers for these Parisian margins close to the periphérique. Thus, instead of rooms that seemed to be part of bourgeois apartments, there was a room made of wood and glass, equipped with microphones, plugs, screens, and even an electronic lock whose red showed that a Meeting was underway.
But the staff out of gold must get used to this new equipment and understand the scripts of the new objects that surround them. Hence this sheet awkwardly taped to the wall, like its twin with an arrow pointing in the other direction, surrounding this immaculate surface. Elsewhere, explicit instructions are intended to prevent smearing the same blank space, receptacle Of electrons rather than inks. Here, in the felted world of this regalian ministry, no need for prohibitions, one understands by a word that it is not a homage to Magritte.

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