ISSN : 2266-6060

Twilight zone

Canton de Vaud, Suisse, july 2006.

A small road in the mountain rises above the vineyards and the Aigle Castle. After one last village to cross, there is no car in sight, or even a cyclist foolish enough to go on an adventure on these steep and isolated slopes. No cows, no sheep around here. Only the well tarred roadway proves that mankind is still there. At a bend, a metal panel appears and you can read from a distance « CAUTION SLOW DOWN ».
The following text is neither Tamil nor Cantonese , yet you do not understand. Certainly it is a clear warning, but against what? Is it « Mott » or was « Mutt » originally written before the wear and tear ? And why these things would be Canadian rather than Swiss?
The French language is more unified than German, but sometimes a visit to a remote valley is just enough to see unknown words appear like poltergeists in the forest. Do not turn around: get through, senses in search of danger, and take the risk of entering into the twilight zone.

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