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These days have brought a lot of newspapers at home. Paper journals, in addition to the digital ones. Like everybody else I guess, we were trying to build some kind of archives, real-time memories of what was happening. Though TV was almost always off, for two weeks you could find on the couch the pages of « Le Monde » or « Libération » wide open, waiting for a reading to be resumed. The girl was old enough to take part in the process. She tried to read an article or two, which we discussed in the evening. The little guy would only catch a headline here and there, asking a few questions only. Yet, after several days, without any explanations, he dived into his own archives and moved tons of old newspapers from the shelves of his bedroom to the livingroom. He consciously read all of them, and we eventually renewed the suscription he had asked us to cancel months ago. Witnessing his reading appetite, we understood that neither our journals nor his were only a matter of anticipated remembrance . They also gave us a comforting environment, something we could rely on to protect us from total absurdity, something that could ease our tears.

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