ISSN : 2266-6060


Marseille, octobre 2020

The closed curtain and the locked windows do not hide the chalk menu boasting all the dishes that could be tasted here after months of lockdown. But the world after is really not the one before: forecasting, anticipation, planning of accounts, food stocks, customers, and the making of the menu are now under the threat of the iron law of the state of emergency.
We showed posters to warn, inform, advise, drive, shock, intrigue, attract and other actions. Aesthetic pleasure, fear, joy, anger and so many emotions appear in readers or are sought after by writers. And then there are forms of despair, cries for help, bottles in the sea written in paper and ink, like when posters crying a lost macaw populated the city for weeks.
However, Christophe Mirman, prefect of the Bouches-du-Rhône, was explicit: his decree mentions the deteriorated sanitary situation and the two-week period. One can certainly ignore this text and remain open, or even go to court to contest its legitimacy or foundation. All that remains here is the denunciatory counter-writing. For this restaurant owner, to govern in the new world is to unprevent.

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