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We have known each other for such a long time. We have gone through a large part of the 1980s, sharing several experiences when we were young. Then, we went on separate ways during the 1990s, before getting back in touch in a lucky way since the beginning of the 2000s. If our favorite sport is still the same, we have also acquired a similar taste for other activities, notably graphic ones. It gives us several topics for exciting discussions in the next decades. And one day, as usual, you came with various projects: the validation process of prototypes for a new series of furniture, the plan for a painting exhibition in an art gallery located at the back of beyond, a show in Paris next month… The realization of the work done in the previous months moved along briskly.

But that time, you also came to share a quite different project. In order to make me feel it in its full standing, you took a pen and a sheet of paper: while your talk was going with gesture and writing, I understood that you had bought a new dwelling in which you planned to do a lot of renovation work. Your explanations gave progressively sense to the strokes you sketched hastily on the paper. And the further your sketch took shape, the more precisely I understood what you meant. You were doing it! You were not going only to shape a dwelling in your own image, but to realize just what we talked about very seriously while being teenagers, with no illusion about them coming truee. The outline that was in front of our eyes did not merely represent the architectural project, positioning each room and its functions from one to another. It drew the perspective lines of our friendship.

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