ISSN : 2266-6060

The ecology of writing

La Rochelle, december 2017.

A pencil, a sheet of paper, and everything is possible. Intuitions can be quickly thrown out, in black and white, during a conversation. Mundane activities acquire a slightly different consistency. Transcribed into lists, the things to be done become a bit more tangible in relation to each other. Wishes emerge and sometimes turn into ambitious projects, which subsequently unfold in tables or plans. From simple scribbling to elaborate sketches, the whole range of drawings opens with a pencil in hand. A short note, a poem, or the first draft of a manuscript, the multiplicity of texts is also potentially included in a pencil. First steps become flourishing ideas, even a genius move. Be careful not to sharpen the pencil to the end. If it is endowed with all these scriptural qualities, it also has a unique power of transformation: becoming the germ of a plant that will produce something to enjoy with the eyes and to drink the words that accompany the inscriptions on the sheet of paper.

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