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It all started with a few notes written on loose sheets. Maybe a notebook. There were, before and after that, conversations. Comments, advices, face to face or on the phone. Choices were made, a strategy was planned. And then she had to move in front of the computer screen, to open the software, facing the white frame representing a page. Keyboarding. Adding, deleting, copying, pasting, moving. Saving. Probably speaking again. Backing a bit, in order to look at the screen from further away. Seeing what it all looked like. Closing and letting stand, opening again. Altering. And then printing. Reading, annotating, emending. Integrating the latest changes into the document. Printing again. And then she went to the backyard, settled on the steps and began to read aloud, quietly, slowly swaying back and forth. Reading and rereading. Memorizing what she had patiently written, so she can properly utter it, in due course.

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