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Old Bottles


Paris, july 2013.

I regularly pay a visit to this dude. Back in the days, we used to belong together and he always has a story to tell. This time he told me that he planned to go to southern France to chill out with good old friends and paint a collective graffiti. He decided to celebrate such a short comeback. He went to his cave and picked up peculiar spray cans. He selected some old brands and specific colors that had become extremely rare to find in the graffiti world. Then, he took a picture of these specimens and sent it to his homeboys as a announcement of his future arrival. He would come with specific materials as a remembrance of good moments they used to spend in the nineties.
But the picture itself became an unexpected small event. Of course his friends gave him a positive and exciting feedback. And one of them liked so much the picture, and the old spray cans it displayed, that he posted it on Facebook. Alongside the “likes”, comments progressively came from different corners. While some were amazed by the very scarce brands or remembered their preferences for such color, others spoke about the particular pressure or smell of these spray cans. Finally, the list of comments on Facebook went even longer than the list of names my old friend expected to acknowledge on the future collective graffiti. In this manner, the electronic wall displaying the picture became a successful event before the colors contained in these inscription devices would cover up the planned concrete wall.

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