ISSN : 2266-6060

Measuring virility

Kutaisi, September 2019.

At first, we did not pay so much attention to the discoloured coin operated amusement machines everywhere in downtown sidewalks. We thought it had been a long time since Space Invaders had escaped from arcade and proliferated on city walls and every smartphone. At nightfall, we saw young men, in band or alone in sportswear and we understand that all these machines proposed one single game. So, we have guessed that something significant was happening for Kutaisi, the second-largest city in Georgia.
Player can choose between two games, soccer or boxe. After inserting a coin into the device, the lowering mecanism displays a punching bag. The player punches the bag. After the punch, a score is displayed on the front panel (SKOR). A record (REKOR) above the player’ score allows him to compare his performance to the most powerful participant. Firstly, this punch-force measuring machine generates urban competitions. Moreover, on the left side, the white scale shows the strength of the candidate and a light starts up a vignette on the right side. With 400 points, the player is a white woman or a female football player. As they approache 3,000, the bodies gain weight and the skins change from clear skin to darker complexion. Yes, this game records and exhibits a local measure of virility, including all the clichés that such a device assumes.

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